About UrbanRhea

We're convinced that finding comfort in your daily meals shouldn't be difficult. 

That's where the Bentonator steps in - designed to elevate your dining experience effortlessly, it merges seamlessly into your routine without sacrificing quality, sustainability, or efficiency. This bento box is crafted with attention to detail, aimed at enhancing your nutritional balance and convenience with ease, allowing you to concentrate on your day with added comfort and satisfaction.


Eat & Dine Comfortably 

The Bentonator is all about transforming your mealtime into an experience that encourages conscious living and eating. By providing a convenient, ergonomic way to enjoy your meals, it promotes a lasting positive impact on your dietary habits and overall well-being. Each Bentonator lunch box is meticulously designed, blending innovation with convenience to support your daily life. Drawing inspiration from ergonomic eating principles and direct customer insights, we guarantee that every product elevates your dining experience without compromising sustainability or quality.



Bentonator: A Legacy of Love & Nourishment

At the heart of Bentonator lies a story that transcends the ordinary - it's the embodiment of a daughter's unwavering resolve to sooth her monther's daily dining dilemmas, reflecting the same challenges Tiff, a dedicated banker, encountered amid her demanding career. Motivated by profound empathy and a keen understanding of the need for wholesome, convenient meals, Tiff brought to life the Bentonator, a bento box conceived out of love and a vision for better meal times.

Named with care, Bentonator stands as a testament to Tiff's desire to offer not just a meal solution, but a loving gesture, highlighting her commitment to detail, health and the warmth of family connection. It swiftly found its place in the hearts of a community that values the essence of quality, well-being, and the emotional resonance of caring for one another.

Bentonator is more than just a product; it's a narrative of love, a tribute to a daughter's journey to make every meal a moment of comfort and joy for her mother. In doing so, Tiff's Touch has touched lives far beyong, offering a slice of home and heart in the hustle of everyday life. This bento box isn't just about nourishment for the body; it's about feeding the soul with every bite, wrapped in the tender care of a daughter's love.